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Building Bikes from Junk

People that know me will know that I will sometimes buy bulks of junk bikes for cheap to give me something to do. A couple of weeks ago I gave 30$ for 5. One that was kept in a storage building and wasn't total crap. Two that were for toddlers that I curbed and were gone in an hour. The other 2 were merely going to get stripped and then curbed. However Sunday morning I was in the backyard looking at my junk inventory and with a closer look I realized this purple bike wasn't actually a girls bike but more of a dirt jump or free style frame in girls clothing. So begun the quest to round up parts to see what it could do with it. I found some ST-EF51 shifters on craigslist for 10$ and will get them today, but for now I have some friction shifters just try it out. Everything is from junk parts. I'll put the new shifters on if it seems worth the 10$ fix or I'll just sell it if it's too small to manual it. I tried to get the kiddos to do the deathgrip challenge on it with me Sunday, but no dice mama shut us down. 

  • Huffy frame no idea what it is
  • Maxxis Nefarious 24" tires
  • Catic wheels with Shimano 14-28T free hub
  • TDS front derailleur
  • SRAM rear derailleur
  • Aluminium coward levers from the all aluminium Huffy.
  • Bottom bracket bearings from the all aluminium Huffy.

Incidentally that was all I could salvage from the all aluminium Huffy bike. Everything with mating aluminium pieces have grown together. There's a technical name for that process but I have no idea what it is, just that some metals do it.

More pics

Picked up some junk bikes

Picked up a lot of what was 5 bikes but passed on two of them. Out of all the parts I was able build this bike. I've already put new tires and tubes on it. The seat and pedals came off my Ecotric. I'm going to pull the aluminium brake grips off of the silver bike. I'll probably order another Tourney shifter set and a set of cruiser handlebars. Also picked up a trainer for cheap as well. The purple dirt jump bike I already stripped everything off except the cranks. I'll probably put the primary sprockets on the new bike to have the chain guard(not seen in pic). 

Pictures here

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Bike Work Stand

I picked me up a new bike stand yesterday at a steal of a price. It was an Amazon return that apparently the previous Amazon purchaser tried to assemble backwards. Makes you wonder what their bike repair skills were like. In the first 20 minutes of usage I was able to adjust Duncan's and Goob's shifters without needing a third hand. I have some proper pedals coming in today and I need to swap the brakes around. The bike came in with the front brake on the right like a motor cycle or an English bike. It not that it's a problem that way for me, but somebody wanting to try the bike out might hurt them self not knowing that.

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Yaesu FT3D PTT

I finally made a PTT for the bike. Took a bit until I found a suitable switch holder. Also found out that the socket is not the same as previous radios, no 2k ohm resister required. The final bracket I used was a cheap bicycle reflector bracket.

Parts used.

  • Switch from a my desk drawer at work. No idea what it's for.
  • Excess wire from bike headlight
  • 1/8 plug from the old radio in the truck that doesn't work for the FTM100
  • Tail reflector holder from my new bike that I dug back out of my trash to use for this project. 
  • Molle HT holder from my desert combat plate carrier (that probably cost something at one time)

More images here.

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