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Building Bikes from Junk

People that know me will know that I will sometimes buy bulks of junk bikes for cheap to give me something to do. A couple of weeks ago I gave 30$ for 5. One that was kept in a storage building and wasn't total crap. Two that were for toddlers that I curbed and were gone in an hour. The other 2 were merely going to get stripped and then curbed. However Sunday morning I was in the backyard looking at my junk inventory and with a closer look I realized this purple bike wasn't actually a girls bike but more of a dirt jump or free style frame in girls clothing. So begun the quest to round up parts to see what it could do with it. I found some ST-EF51 shifters on craigslist for 10$ and will get them today, but for now I have some friction shifters just try it out. Everything is from junk parts. I'll put the new shifters on if it seems worth the 10$ fix or I'll just sell it if it's too small to manual it. I tried to get the kiddos to do the deathgrip challenge on it with me Sunday, but no dice mama shut us down. 

  • Huffy frame no idea what it is
  • Maxxis Nefarious 24" tires
  • Catic wheels with Shimano 14-28T free hub
  • TDS front derailleur
  • SRAM rear derailleur
  • Aluminium coward levers from the all aluminium Huffy.
  • Bottom bracket bearings from the all aluminium Huffy.

Incidentally that was all I could salvage from the all aluminium Huffy bike. Everything with mating aluminium pieces have grown together. There's a technical name for that process but I have no idea what it is, just that some metals do it.

More pics

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